Oral Cancer Screening / Velscope

During routine examinations, our dentists perform a thorough visual inspection to identify abnormal tissue in your mouth. Our preventative oral cancer screening can identify any pre-cancer or cancer tissue at a very early stage. There are certain factors that can put you at higher risk (i.e. tobacco and heavy alcohol use, age), however, oral cancer can happen to anyone. It is not a disease of the elderly and is in fact now becoming more common in the younger population.

A Velscope is a non-invasive hand held device that emits light and is about the size of a large flashlight. This device may be used to detect pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue in the mouth, that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and will determine if further testing is necessary. It is used as an early warning system since most patients do not have any symptoms. The exam is painless and takes about 5-10 minutes. If you are interested in having a Velscope exam, please ask any of our staff members.