Stocking Stuffers For Healthy Teeth


THE HOLIDAYS ARE approaching, and that means it’s time to shop for treats and presents for the people we love! Often times, these treats aren’t the healthiest choices for our teeth, which is why we’ve put together some suggestions for more dental-friendly goodies to stuff in those stockings — as well as some things to avoid.

Stocking Stuffer No-Nos

Everyone will be eating sweets over the holidays so there is no reason to add candy and chocolate to stockings.  There are a lot of parents that have advent calendars for their children and they are getting a little piece of chocolate every day leading up to Christmas.

The Dentist’s Picks

As a child, I received an Asian pear in my stocking every year.  Oranges and apples are great stuffers. Don’t forget about  electric tooth brushes, favourite flavoured tooth paste and flavoured floss! Of course, you need to add a bit more so watch this video for more great ideas.



Wishing All Our Patients A Happy, Healthy Holiday Season!

Of course, another option would be to avoid edible stocking stuffers altogether, in favor of small toys and games that will take your children’s minds completely off their sweet tooth cravings. No matter what goes in those stockings, though, don’t forget to keep up with all those good brushing and flossing habits through the holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you at your next hygiene appointments!

Thank you for being part of our practice family!



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